Suspicious or fraudulent activities

Falcon Private Bank (Falcon) is aware of fraudulent websites offering investments in coins/tokens that refer to Falcon or use elements of Falcon brand identity such as logo, images, forged legal documents or illegal copies of authentic Falcon videos. The adverts for such websites may be placed on social media, messenger groups and other websites. In some cases fraudulent websites may look like or have internet address similar to the official Falcon website (

Be aware that Falcon does not issue or solicit coins or tokens. Falcon also never asks for funds on the website, and does not conduct business without a physically signed contract.

If you receive any suspicious requests, please do not respond. We strongly advise you not to share any personal information. Do not deposit or remit money or cryptocurrencies on any account. Please inform us of suspicious approaches, websites and adverts by sending an email to and/or contact your local authorities.