Falcon Blockchain Solutions

Private and institutional clients of Falcon Private Bank can benefit from regulated, secure and convenient banking solutions for blockchain assets.

Falcon has developed processes enabling a broad range of blockchain assets services – in line with regulatory and compliance requirements. In a nutshell, our blockchain offering includes:

  • Investments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, XRP and Stellar Lumens
  • Buying, custody, selling and reporting of the managed blockchain assets - all in one place
  • Acceptance of wealth originating from crypto assets that was subsequently converted into a fiat money

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Falcon Blockchain Custody

Investors looking for a reliable way to store and protect their blockchain assets can do so securely with Falcon’s proprietary custody solution which offers a range of advantages over traditional hot and cold wallets.

  • Support for the world’s top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, XRP and Stellar Lumens) and on-demand custody of ERC-20 compatible security tokens
  • High security signatory devices are never exposed to the internet
  • Keys are protected using Shamir's Secrets Sharing algorithm and multi-signature signing (for all supported cryptocurrencies)
  • and more...

Direct crypto transfers

Falcon clients can directly transfer selected cryptocurrencies to and from segregated Falcon wallets. Transferred cryptocurrencies are stored securely in Falcon’s own cold storage solution and remain fully manageable, e.g. can be exchanged for fiat money or transferred out to the client’s private wallet. Additional or new cryptocurrencies can also be purchased via the bank.

As a client, you benefit from:
  1. Due diligence processes are conducted for cryptocurrencies that are transferred to the bank to ensure that assets are lawful and regulatory compliant
  2. Cryptocurrencies are booked as segregated assets (entitled for payout in case of insolvency) and governed according to inheritance law (entitled for succession)
  3. Cryptocurrencies are reflected in official bank statements that can be used for tax reporting
  4. Insurance policy issued by a major Swiss insurance provider for cases of crypto-relevant risks including professional indemnity, crime and cyber security breaches

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